Letters to the Editor: September 2020

Issue 09 and Volume 173.

Self-Care and Work-Life Balance in America 2.0 “America 2.0” is what some are calling the new norm once the COVID-19 pandemic becomes a historical event. However, what exactly does America 2.0 look like and how might it benefit the fire service? Several first responder leaders and self-care researchers and educators, including me, have been encouraging a cultural change in the fire service regarding the effective management of one’s self-care. In other words, the research shows when we take better care of ourselves, we can drive down the preventable disease risks. These preventable diseases have negative consequences on our health, work, families, and communities.1-2 Alternatively, research suggests effective self-care management can lead to greater health, well-being, and work-life balance.3-4 Self-care consists of effectively managing your physical, psychological, social, and spiritual needs.5 These needs are universal, meaning every human on Earth requires these within some degree or another. According to the Centers…

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