Firefighting, Truck Company

Tactical Tidbits for Firefighting Operations

Issue 09 and Volume 173.

ON FIRE ❘ by MICHAEL N. CIAMPO Here’s a quick list of tactical tips: Start the tour by checking your equipment and ensuring the air cylinder is full. Always check behind the door for victims, closets, hidden stairs, and hallways. When searching, get up on one knee and slide forward; you’ll have more visibility into the thermal layers above. If the door to the room on fire is burning through, pop off another door and place it over this one to try and stop the fire’s extension. If you carry a pressurized water extinguisher, you don’t have to knock the fire down. Close the room’s door and contain the fire. Soak the door down when the flames appear through the cracks. The “can” is there for our protection first. If you have rubbish on the ground, deflect the can’s pattern with your finger for a wider pattern; you won’t blow…

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