Extrication Zone, Technical Rescue

It’s NOT Just Another Vehicle Fire!

Issue 10 and Volume 173.

By Steven B. Schnaudt Since vehicle fires are so common and the frequency of injuries at these incidents is relatively low, many firefighters become complacent and treat them as routine or even nuisance calls. Vehicle fires are anything but routine and can quickly escalate to a major incident if we treat them as just an ordinary call for service. A burning vehicle may begin rolling toward your engine company, a hood strut can become an airborne projectile and injure a firefighter, or a distracted motorist may strike the fire apparatus at a highway incident. According to the National Fire Protection Association, there are an average of 223,300 highway or road vehicle fires per year. The American fire service responds to a vehicle fire every 2.3 minutes.1 Although most firefighter injuries occur while fighting structure fires, 1,100 firefighters are injured annually while fighting vehicle fires.2 RELATED FIREFIGHTER TRAINING The Officer’s Guide…

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