Motivate and Inspire for Success!

Issue 10 and Volume 173.

VOLUNTEERS CORNER ❘ By JOHN M. BUCKMAN III These days, if you’re leading volunteers, you can’t simply order them around and expect them to do what you want. Leading volunteers requires a collaborative approach to direction. You must develop volunteers to “buy in” to the organization’s mission, vision, and values. Buy-in is critical to their performance. Volunteers have some investment, but if volunteering for the fire department becomes less fun, they may seek other opportunities that provide a more satisfying experience. Volunteers who buy in become dedicated and productive members who make the personal sacrifice for the benefit of the organization. Some volunteers who don’t buy in might follow your directions while you are watching, but once you are out of sight, they will do what is convenient for them. More than ever before, today’s successful leaders must win people’s cooperation. RELATED FIREFIGHTER TRAINING The Future of Leadership in the…

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