Fire EMS

Dump the ‘D’

Issue 10 and Volume 173.

Speeding ambulance
Fire/Rescue StreetSense ❘ By Kate Dernocoeur If you’re lucky, there’s someone in your life who is that person, the one who’s always fussing to keep the crew quarters neat, the rig clean, the stuff of your lives in a semblance of order. If you’re even more lucky, there’s someone like that at home, too. Or, perhaps you’re the one who does these things—in which case, good for you. The gifts that come with a bit of obsessiveness, a bit of compulsion include getting things done and keeping up with the many demands of daily life. It can be interesting, then, to observe what is sometimes implied about these traits, as if they are bad. Almost inevitably, there is reference to (or apology for, if speaking on your own behalf) the “OCD” (obsessive-compulsive disorder) that prompts such behaviors: “You’re so OCD! Sit down and stop fussing!” or “Oh, don’t mind me,…

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