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Main Street USA: Preplanning Your First-Due Response

Issue 10 and Volume 173.

By William Morrissey You can find “Main Street USA” in any town; it is the “downtown” area or center of town consisting of restaurants, shops, and mixed-use buildings. This area presents many unsuspected building challenges and dangers involving construction, occupancy, age, and location. These buildings are often the site of large multiple-alarm fires and although challenging, with some preplanning and general knowledge of their dangers, you can easily and safely conquer these fires. Preplanning Construction Traditionally, Main Street USA consists of mostly ordinary (Type III) and wood frame (Type V) buildings, but some heavy timber (Type IV) buildings are possible as well. A Type III building traditionally has masonry-bearing walls (recent changes to building codes now allow wood load-bearing walls), but the floors, structural framework, and roof are made of wood or another combustible material. RELATED FIREFIGHTER TRAINING Firefighters and Construction: Changes on Main Street: Modern Taxpayers A ‘Main Street’…

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