Letters to the Editor: November 2020

Issue 11 and Volume 173.

Life Skills for Life! Regarding Thomas W. Castellow’s article “Solving the Fire Service’s Recruitment Crisis” (Volunteers Corner, August 2020), the author struck a chord about targeting recruitment and using today’s tools. His article was well organized and well presented, therefore inspiring and useful to readers. I suggest expanding the recruitment scope by focusing on people now working from home, especially younger homeowners. What the volunteer fire service offers is “Life Skills for Life.” What a concept! Learn about electricity; using a ladder safely; better knots to tie down the load on your truck, boat, or car roof …. Building construction, safe chemical storage, small engines …. Why pay for a trip up the local rock wall? We’ll show you how for free. Interested in power tools? We have big ones! Lifting, leverage, cribbing …. First aid, situational awareness, CPR …. Want to practice your project management skills? We have projects,…

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