Delayed Response: Don’t Accept Failure

Issue 12 and Volume 173.

VOLUNTEERS CORNER ❘ BY MICHAEL P. CAPOZIELLO Firefighters hate failure! We do whatever we can to make someone’s bad situation better, to make sure that our actions are timely, professional, and the best for the specific incident. Making mistakes can be emotional and deadly; failure is unacceptable. However, one failure has become accepted practice for many volunteer fire departments. Let’s look at three scenarios to illustrate. Scenario 1: A rig responding to an alarm gets into an accident, delaying its arrival at the emergency. An investigation will take place; the chauffeur may temporarily lose his driving privileges and be retrained. Scenario 2: As personnel stretch a line to the fire, a substantial delay charging the line occurs. The hydrant man did a bad job of hitting the hydrant, causing a major delay. Many witnessed this fireground failure and embarrassment. The hydrant man, his ego deflated, will be retrained and learn…

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