Health & Safety

PTSD Clarity: We Are Resilient

Issue 12 and Volume 173.

By Daniel DeGryse and Victoria DeGryse Mental wellness regarding first responders has been receiving heightened attention in the media and our society lately. This is good news in that it gives the general public a greater awareness of possible personal consequences we may experience in our career. However, awareness does not always equate to an accurate understanding of and action taken to address it. We believe first responders and military personnel enter our line of work as resilient individuals. We also believe our career builds on that resiliency and, at times, tears at it. We drill regularly to maintain optimal physical response to many emergency scenarios with the best tools and techniques. The result is that we can pragmatically, methodically, and systematically approach any scenario. Those skills become ingrained and help us to maintain emotional distance. What we do not drill or train on are our emotional and mental responses.…

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