Health & Safety

Postfire Contamination and Control

Issue 12 and Volume 173.

By Russell Osgood As firefighters, what we do on a daily basis plays a large role in cancer prevention. We eat right, exercise, use source capture to keep diesel exhaust out of our stations, and follow best practices that lead to a healthy workplace. All of this is an important part of the equation, but we must also look closely at what we do immediately following a fire to keep the cycle of prevention going. It all starts with understanding the importance of contamination control. RELATED FIREFIGHTER TRAINING Reducing the Postfire Threat of Cancer Respiratory Protection in the Warm Zone: A Study Creating a Cancer-Resistant Fire Department Firefighters should learn from the science that has been conducted to find solutions to the cancer epidemic we face. We also need to adopt policy based on what we learned. I have been asked, do we really need to make these changes? Well,…

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