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Three Workers Injured, Two Missing in Collapse of OH Power Plant

Power plant collapse
The Killen Generating Station, a closed power plant in Adams County, Ohio, collapsed Wednesday, Dec. 9, 2020. Several workers were unaccounted for and one was taken to a hospital after a power plant that was being demolished in Ohio collapsed Wednesday. It was not clear what caused the collapse at the Killen Generating Station, Adams County Sheriff Kimmy Rogers said. (Sam Greene/The Cincinnati Enquirer via AP)

MANCHESTER, Ohio (AP) — The search continued Thursday for two workers who are missing more than 24 hours after a power plant that was being demolished in Ohio collapsed, injuring three others.

Efforts to rescue the two shifted into a recovery mission late Wednesday.

“They will be here until they find these people,” said Adams County Sheriff Kim Rogers.

It was not clear what caused the Killen Generating Station to collapse Wednesday morning.

“Next week, they were preparing to take that building down and those stacks. So this was some kind of preparation to take that building down,” the sheriff said.

Crews located two workers and rescuers had to dig for hours to free a third. They were taken to a hospital. Their conditions were not known.

The coal-fired generating station opened in 1982 and was closed in May 2018.

The cause of the collapse is under investigation.

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