Firefighting, Truck Company

Calling an Audible

Issue 12 and Volume 173.

ON FIRE ❘ by MICHAEL N. CIAMPO In a previous “back page,” I discussed the terms “always” and “never” as they relate to tactics performed on the fireground. In many instances, we’ve had to bend the rules to accomplish our job and save a life, despite the “Always do this” or “Never do that” mantra. No matter how well you know your department’s procedures, somewhere along the line you’re going to face a moment where you must weigh what you’re up against and choose an action. Hopefully, through past training and experiences, you make the right decision to accomplish the goal. Responding to incidents as the rapid intervention team (RIT), members should know their assigned positions and their tool complement. Many times, units will carry a Stokes basket loaded with tools and equipment to the scene. Arriving at a fire-resistive high-rise multiple dwelling, you may require different tools and tactics…

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