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Nate Larkin

Podcast: Networking for Success: Nate Larkin

Host Dave McGlynn talks with Lieutenant Nate Larkin from Fairfax County (VA) Fire Rescue about the need for good training and leaders.
Rich Wilson

Podcast: Networking for Success: Rich Wilson

Host Dave McGlynn speaks with Battalion Chief Rich Wilson of the Naval Academy Annapolis (MD) Naval District Washington Fire & Emergency Services.
FE podcast sponsored by UniMac

Podcast: Networking for Success: Paul Wind

Host Dave McGlynn sits down with Battalion Chief (Ret.) Paul Wind from the Picatinny (NJ) Fire Department to talk training programs, networking, and more.
FE podcast sponsored by UniMac

Podcast: Networking for Success: Steve Prziborowski

Host Dave McGlynn interviews Steve Prziborowski, author of the recent book 101 Tips to Ace Your Promotional Exam.

Quick Drills for the Chief Officer

One of the most important responsibilities a chief officer has is ensuring their personnel are properly trained for any type of emergency they may be faced with.


When does scene size-up begin-when you arrive at the incident scene, when you get the call to respond to the incident, or when preplanning your response area?

Steve Prziborowski: Today’s Company Officer – Are You Up for the Challenge?

Steve Prziborowski discusses  that as a company officer, you’re required to think at the tactical level and sometimes at the strategic level as well, depending on what is required of you at your department and what the situation may entail.

Succession Planning: Leave the Fire Service Better Than You Found It

REMEMBER THE SAYING, “ASK NOT WHAT YOU CAN do for your country but what your country can do for you”?

Are You In Touch With Fire Service Reality?

If you no longer work in the fire station, or have never worked in the fire station, you may be out of touch with reality, especially with how you perceive life at the fire station and the daily routine of a firefighter.

Quick Drills for the Chief Officer

Congratulations on getting promoted to chief officer! Before getting carried away with the glamour of the position, realize you are in a critical position that involves leading, motivating, evaluating, supervising, training, coaching, and mentoring your assigned personnel. Your top priorities should be to ensure that your personnel go home safely to their families at the end of their shift and that they are trained and prepared for the worst-case scenario.