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Fire Engineering is the premier source of news, training, and education with content written by firefighters and reviewed by firefighters providing key insights, thoughts and lessons learned to the fire service.

Since 1877, we’ve been devoted to the interests of firefighters. We are committed to providing the latest advances in training, education, and management you need to know about, so you can continue helping the communities you serve.

Our print, digital, and online products bring you in-depth research, up-to-the-minute news, and opportunities to interact with and learn from experienced firefighters and fire researchers. We recognize the importance of continuous education and training. That’s why our subscribers can access our latest publications, as well as our editorial archives – that’s years of premium content, at your fingertips.

Our Editorial Standards

Our content focuses on lessons learned and is written by firefighters and people who study our profession’s challenges. Our writers are held to the highest editorial standards.

The challenges facing firefighters change every day, and meeting those changing challenges requires you to have the best, most accurate up-to-date information possible. 

Fire Engineering is the undisputed source where serious, dedicated firefighters like you get their information.

Chief Bobby Halton

Meet the Team

Chief (Ret.) Bobby Halton, Vice President and Group Editor

Diane RothschildExecutive Editor

Robert J. Maloney, Associate Editor

Derek RosenfeldAssociate Editor

Glenn P. Corbett, P.E., Technical Editor

Bill Gustin, Technical Editor

Peter J. Prochilo, Online Editor

What Our Subscribers Say

The rich history, the cutting-edge philosophy, and the absolute importance of Fire Engineering cannot be overstated. 


Anthony Avillo, Deputy Chief (Ret.), North Hudson (NJ) Regional Fire & Rescue

The caliber of professional firefighters with street experience who write for the publication are surely the leaders in the field of firefighting who provide readers with in-depth learning experiences each month.  

Michael N. Ciampo, Lieutenant, Fire Department of New York

The training provided by Fire Engineering is timely, relevant, and practical. Given the American fire service’s immense diversity, their insights into industry trends and emerging topics have tremendous value.

Rommie Duckworth, Captain, Ridgefield (CT) Fire Department

Our Portfolio

The Clarion Events Fire & Rescue Group provides critical cutting-edge firefighting and emergency medical service news, education, equipment, and hands-on training. Through our industry-leading publications, digital media, online training, and events, Clarion’s Fire & Rescue Group covers the latest developments and standards in apparatus and equipment, clinical breakthroughs, and training for firefighters, EMTs, paramedics, and professionals in the Fire & EMS Industries. We hold ourselves to the strictest of standards, ensuring that our service to the first responders equals the industry’s tireless service to us all while maintaining our long-standing mission to “Train and Inform the Fire & EMS Industry.”