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Firefighter helmet

Uncleared Hydrants Hamper Response to Fire that Caused ‘Significant’ Damage to...

Hydrants that were not cleared of snow hampered efforts to put out a fire that caused "significant" damage to a Fitchburg home
Coxreels XTM Series

Coxreels® Extreme Duty XTM Series

The XTM Extreme Duty Reel combines the ultimate features into the world’s most robust reel solution.


Firefighters communicate with a bargain basement radio system

Drawn by Fire: Lowest Bid Conundrum

Sometimes the tools marketed as the cost-cutting latest-greatest are not the latest-greatest. Check out a new one from Paul Combs.

Radio Messaging Under Warlike Conditions

Success on the fireground hinges on the quality of the messages sent and the understanding of those listening. Jared Newcombe discusses a program for training firefighters to communicate under difficult conditions.
Lead from the Front

Lead from the Front: Fireground Tactics and Leadership

March 26, 2021 at 11:00 AM EDT / 10:00 AM CDT / 8:00 AM PDT / 3:00 PM GMT

Learn tricks of the trade that “slow the fireground down” and help you stay in control to avoid confusion and chaos at incidents. The instructor presents case studies and leadership lessons from his experiences gained in a 36-year career on the Chicago (IL) Fire Department. Modern tactics are compared to traditional tactics from the perspective of what has changed and why.

Wildland Fire Preplan

A Technology-Based Approach to Preplanning Your Community for the Wildland Event

March 30, 2021 at 1 PM EDT / 12 PM CDT / 10 AM PDT / 5 PM GMT

Preplan your community for a wildland fire: identify target hazards, accurately create an incident action plan, and create an overall strategy for the local fire department and responding agencies to follow, ensuring their involvement with hazard mitigation techniques.

Health and Wellness for Women in the Fire Service

March 19, 2021 at 2:00 PM EDT / 1:00 PM CDT / 11:00 AM PDT / 6:00 PM GMT

This webcast is based on the U.S. Fire Administration study “Emerging Issues for Women in the Fire Service.” Topics include cardiac health, cancer, and behavioral and mental health. You will be presented with the results of recent studies by the Women’s Biomonitoring Collaborative, including attention-grabbing resources meant to inspire firefighters about the importance of post-incident decon.

Pulsara Launches Powerful New Desktop Browser Command Center for Enhanced Patient Coordination

The browser application enables clinicians to easily manage patient status and details in a centralized location.
FirstNet Webinar

Webcast: Innovative FirstNet-enabled Solutions You Can Depend On

Join W.S. Darley & Co. to learn about ongoing interagency efforts in the area of location-based services for public safety and catch a live demo of the newly released Z-Axis solution from FirstNet, Built by AT&T.

Fire-Dex Launches Non-Fluorinated PPE Fabrics

We have partnered with Milliken to develop a non-fluorinated version of our exclusive materials utilizing innovative technology to create an eco-friendly, water resistant formula that meets the increasing market demand for PFAS free PPE material options.

Reyco Granning TransportMaster Brings Improved Cold Weather Performance for Ambulance, Small Bus, and Class-C...

Frigid winter conditions slow the flow of fluid in hydraulic suspensions, degrading ride quality. TransportMaster®is an air suspension, and air simply does not freeze or gel.
Residential building collapse scene

360° Collapse Search: High Tech on a Low Budget

Most departments can’t afford high-end search systems or unmanned aerial devices, but technology now offers affordable solutions, writes Clinton Crafton.
Fire apparatus rollover crash

Video: Apparatus Rollovers

In this video, Chris Daly of Drive to Survive addresses the issue of rollovers and safety.

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