Akron Brass releases new products at FDIC 2008

Driven by customer feedback and insight, Akron Brass introduced a variety of new products during the Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) 2008!

For use with their DeckMaster™ monitor, a new Style 3406 Electric Riser is now available from Akron. Using three-piece design, this new Electric Riser is extremely compact when nested such that it fits easily within today’s crowded pump module areas. For a combined 38-inches of deployed extension, the Electric Riser provides an additional 12-inches of elevation to the 26-inches of the DeckMaster.

When using gel agents for urban interface applications, Akron Brass presents a new Style 1230 1-inch Self-Educting Forestry Nozzle. Made of heavy-duty but relatively lightweight aluminum, it is capable of flowing 15 gpm at 100 psi. The Style 1230 is designed for easy cleaning and with a check valve in the eductor to prevent water from entering the gel.

For aerial master stream use, Akron introduced their new Style 5179 Nozzle with Shut-Off. With variable pattern control, this design has a shut-off incorporated directly within the master stream nozzle itself, thus eliminating the need for a butterfly valve on an aerial waterway.

With the Extenda-Lite® family of scene lighting products, Akron now has a new series of cab brow mounting options for their low-profile Beta lighthead. This includes a brow shield option to help reduce glare through the windshield and contoured universal brackets for new apparatus cab designs. Additionally, Akron showed their new locking collar design for their telescopic poles and new Manual Mast for scene lighting with trailers, utility vehicles, and skid units.

Akron displayed several new products to add to their portfolio of electric rewind reels, including their recent Compact Cord Reel and Low Profile Booster Hose Reel as well a new configurations of their Hydraulic Hose Reel line. With compartment space at a premium on apparatus, these reels provide opportunities to use these areas for additional critical equipment.

Many other new items were shown including their new Roof Hook hand tool and Valve Controller lines as well as the growing family of Diamondback™ LED lights.

For more information, contact your local authorized distributor or the Akron Brass Customer Service Department at 1-800-228-1161.

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