AlertID is Now Available in Your Community

Protect Your Community
People are concerned about the safety of their children, families and neighborhoods.
Know about threats to your safety.
Take preventative actions.
AlertID is the first system of its kind that delivers important public safety alerts, advisories, and interactive features to families through online services, emails, texts and on mobile and tablet applications.

AlertID provides everyday protection for your family and community at NO COST to you.
AlertID is a FREE online service and mobile application, available on iPhone, iPad and Android devices. AlertID helps people protect their families and communities, creating a safer living environment by making the country’s public safety information universally accessible.
AlertID has proven to help reduce crime and uses the most advanced and secure technology to create two- way communications between citizens and federal, state, and local authorities to provide alerts about crime, sex offenders, terrorism, natural disasters and severe weather that can threaten the safety of your family and community.

Connect to Your Family
Receive alerts about emergencies
Exchange critical information to help keep your family and community safe, whether the threat is national, local or personal.
Connect to Your Local Police
Send information to authorities
Send important information to public safety officials about crime, terrorism, natural disasters or severe weather.
Receive Alerts
Receive alerts about threats
Receive alerts from public safety officials about potential threats to your family and community. Alerts are available online, through emails and texts, as well as on mobile applications on your phone and tablet.

Connect to Your Neighbors
Keep your neighborhood safe
Through AlertID social networking, you are connected to neighbors and public safety officials to help keep you and your neighborhood safe.
Interactive Crime & Weather Maps
See threats in your neighborhood
Interactive crime map and national weather map show potential threats to your family and your community.
Share Critical Information
Know if there is danger to your family
AlertID’s secure technology creates two- way communication between citizens and federal, state, and local authorities to provide immediate information on threats to safety.


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