All Traffic Solutions Announces Trade-in Program

State College, PA – January 17, 2012All Traffic Solutions has announced a new trade-in program that will enable municipalities and facilities who currently own older radar speed displays and variable message signs to upgrade those signs to take advantage of current technology and features.  Most notably, the equipment being traded in can be from any manufacturer, not just All Traffic Solutions. 

In exchange for the old sign and a commitment to two years of the SmartApps Traffic Suite service, customers will receive a brand new model sign which is lighter and more flexible than any similar sign on the market. With the All Traffic Solutions’ SmartApps Traffic Suite and technology such as GPS, camera, accelerometer, Bluetooth and cellular, users can manage their equipment remotely through a web portal, automatically retrieving data and sending updates to and from the field.  And the SmartApps browser-based web tools don’t require any IT setup.

Best of all, because All Traffic Solutions realizes that only when equipment is operating at peak performance will you be able to achieve the best results, they are offering a perpetual warranty on their hardware for as long as the SmartApps subscription is continued.           

Leverage your previous investments to take advantage of the latest technology that delivers greater performance and better results with fewer resources while benefiting from a perpetual warranty that ensures continued success well into the future.  For more details or to upgrade your equipment, contact All Traffic Solutions at 866-366-6602 or

About All Traffic Solutions 

Located in State College, Pa., All Traffic Solutions is consistently recognized as a leading innovator in the traffic safety market for speed displays, message signs and imaging products, delivering groundbreaking levels of service and product capability. By integrating cloud technology into all of its products, All Traffic Solutions allows customers to manage all their equipment and data remotely, through a browser. For more information, please visit

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