Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Selects RescueSim Virtual Reality Technology to Prepare for Airport Incidents

Amsterdam, February 1st 2012 – Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has selected the RescueSim Virtual Emergency Response Platform to prepare its emergency services and safety personnel for airport incidents.

With almost 50 million passengers and over 420,000 aircraft movements in 2011, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is one of the busiest airports in the world and a leading air traffic hub in Europe. Safety has the highest priority at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and is watched over by a dedicated fire brigade of over 140 persons. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol operates one of the most advanced airport firefighting training centres in the world. The combination of state-of-the-art emergency response equipment and well prepared emergency response crews, ranks Schiphol amongst the world’s best prepared airports.

After a formal tender process in which different suppliers of virtual incident management software were thoroughly evaluated and tested, Schiphol selected RescueSim as its virtual emergency response training tool. RescueSim will provide the airport’s emergency services with a state-of-the-art training tool allowing crews to simulate a wide range of airport incidents and practice their response strategies for these incidents in a cost effective and safe way.

VSTEP, Europe’s leading developer of simulators and virtual training software, is working closely with the Schiphol Fire Brigade to customize its RescueSim training platform to include a full virtual 3D model of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and the surrounding area and relevant incident scenarios. The fire brigade will have at their disposal all relevant aircraft types, emergency services vehicles and equipment as well as general airport equipment, guaranteeing realistic incident simulation.

Cristijn Sarvaas, VSTEP CEO: “We are extremely proud that Schiphol has chosen RescueSim as their virtual training platform. Airports are an important customer group for RescueSim virtual training and Schiphol is one of the finest reference customers  in the world. The Schiphol Fire Brigade and VSTEP are working closely to further enhance RescueSim and meet the rigorous demands of the airport sector. With Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Dutch Railways, Port of Rotterdam and leading Fire & Rescue Safety Regions using RescueSim, it has become the training tool of choice for Holland’s emergency services.”

Tom van Maastrigt, Project Executive and Manager Preparation & Safety Training, Schiphol Group : “Training is an essential and ongoing business for emergency response teams. Virtual training will be an important part of the training programme for Incident Commanders and crews. We expect a long lasting partnership with VSTEP to ensure that not only our fire brigade will benefit, but all parties involved in the emergency organisation at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol as well.”

RescueSim is the leading virtual emergency response training software available today. It helps emergency response teams prepare for any thinkable incident by letting them train in a realistic virtual environment, without the dangers, costs and time associated with traditional practical training. RescueSim offers specialised modules for Fire & Rescue services, as well as Airport, Industrial, Offshore, Port and Highway Incident Management.


VSTEP is a leading International developer of simulators and virtual training software. VSTEP creates 3D virtual training software and simulators that allow safety and security professionals to build their skills in a practical, safe and cost effective way. RescueSim is used in a single and multi agency training environments to simulate real-life incidents and allow people to experience incidents and practice alternative response strategies in a realistic virtual 3D environment. 

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About RescueSim

RescueSim Emergency Response Training is single and multi agency training software that prepares safety and security professionals for real-life incidents and allows them to experience and train incidents in a safe virtual 3D environment. RescueSim includes specialised modules for Fire & Rescue services, as well as Industrial, Port, Airport, Underground and Offshore Incident Management.

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