By John M. Malecky

>> The Carmel Highlands (CA) FPD operates this HME pumper with four-wheel-drive. Chief Buddy Bloxham of Cal Fire’s San Benito/Monterey Peninsula Battalion says it is designed to respond to everyday needs, and the 4 × 4 feature makes responding off road more reliable and easier particularly during winter storms.

Carmel Highlands (CA) FPD


  • INTERNATIONAL 7400 chassis with 184-inch wheelbase and six-seat cab;

  • INTERNATIONAL MaxxForce 9 330-hp diesel engine with ALLISON 3000 EVS automatic transmission;

  • DARLEY JMP single-stage, 500-gpm pump with HYPRO Foam Pro 1600 system, dual 1½-inch front jump lines, ¾-inch booster reel, and rear 2½-inch preconnect;

  • auxiliary HALE HP-100 167-gpm diesel pump;

  • HONDA WH 20X 132-gpm portable pump;

  • APR 500-gallon water and 20-gallon foam tanks;

  • four wheel well sleeves for spare SCBA cylinders;


  • lighting with two FRC extendable floodlights midship, two ROM spot/floodlights at rear, and two rear WELDON fixed scene lights.

>> The Canadian Forces Base, Petawawa, Ontario, Canada, designed this FORT GARRY FIRE TRUCKS command rescue unit to respond to rescues involving ice, high angles, swift water, extrications (including armored vehicles), containment of spills on lakes and rivers, and mutual aid, explains Deputy Chief Garry Clement.

Canadian Forces Base


  • INTERNATIONAL 7400 4 × 4 chassis with 266-inch wheelbase and five-seat cab;

  • 24-inch front bumper extension with AKRON electric cord and hydraulic reel and rescue tool storage;

  • INTERNATIONAL MaxxForce 9 330-hp diesel engine with ALLISON 3000 EVS automatic transmission;

  • 18-foot body with 14-foot walk-in command center in front section and nonwalk-in rear section for compartmented storage and AMDOR roll-up doors;

  • rack for 10 spare SCBA cylinders;

  • HURST rescue tools;

  • WARN six-ton portable winch with front and rear receivers;

  • light and power with ONAN 15-kw hydraulic generator, three FRC tripod floodlights on body, six FEDERAL scene lights on body (two each left, right, and rear), and three AKRON electric cord reels; and

  • tows hazmat trailer, ZODIAC boat, and flat-bottom boat which carries boom for spills.

>> The Windy Hill Fire Department, Florence, South Carolina, designed its three KME pumpers with large water tanks. The department protects an urban/suburban area, some parts of which have few hydrants, explains Chief John DeLung, Jr. The extra water is useful for a strong initial attack and for responses on highways.

Windy Hill Fire Department


  • Predator XMFD chassis with 216-inch wheelbase and six-seat cab with 12-inch raised roof;

  • CUMMINS ISL 425-hp diesel engine with ALLISON 3000 EVS automatic transmission;

  • HALE Qmax single-stage, 1,500-gpm pump with six-inch front intake, 1½-inch front bumper line, two one-inch booster reels, three speedlays (two 1¾-inch and one 2½-inch), and AKRON Apollo HiRiser deck gun;

  • UPF 1,000-gallon water tank;

  • ROM roll-up compartment doors and seven wheel well sleeves for spare SCBA cylinders;


  • light and power with BRIGGS & STRATTON two-kw invertor generator and nine FRC floodlights (one brow, two midship, and six on body).

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