By John M. MaleCKy

The Brewster (MA) Fire Rescue uses this MARION BODY aerial ladder to respond to structure and commercial fire alarms and mutual aid, explains Firefighter Keith Riker. The surrounding towns all have platforms and the department has found the aerial easier for accessing residential areas.


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  • SPARTAN Gladiator chassis with 20-inch wheelbase and six-seat cab;


  • CUMMINS ISM 450-hp diesel engine with ALLISON 4000 EVS automatic transmission;


  • AMDOR roll-up compartment doors and six rear wheelwell sleeves for spare SCBA cylinders;


  • RK 109-foot aerial ladder with 500- to 2,000-pound tipload, 16-foot outrigger spread, and ELKHART Vulcan ladderpipe;




  • light and power with HARRISON 20-kw hydraulic generator, WILL BURT light tower, eight FRC floodlights (two on cab, two telescoping behind cab, four on body), four HAVIS SHIELDS COLLINS spot/floodlights (two each at tip and base of aerial), two WHELEN scene lights on cab, and four HANNAY electric cord reels.



The Bellmawr (NJ) Fire Department, anticipating future community development, designed this SEAGRAVE heavy rescue truck to be larger than its predecessor, explains Chief Jim Burleigh. The pump and water tank make the vehicle more self-sufficient and provide protection at accident scenes.

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  • Model TW chassis with 246-inch wheel base and 10-inch raised roof cab with eight seats;


  • DETROIT Series 60 500-hp diesel engine with ALLISON 4000 EVS automatic transmission;


  • WATEROUS CG single-stage, 750-gpm pump with AKRON 95-gpm foam eductor;


  • 1¾-inch dead load above pump;


  • UPF 425-gallon water and 20-gallon foam tanks;


  • 24-foot body with ROBINSON roll-up compartment doors, four tieoffs in upper section and four wheelwell sleeves that hold a total of eight spare SCBA cylinders;


  • oil absorbent hopper;


  • HOLMATRO rescue tools;


  • nine HANNAY reels (five hydraulic, two each air and electric cord);




  • RAMSEY 4½-ton portable winch with five receivers;


  • ATLAS COPCO air compressor (9.9 cfm at 175 psi); and


  • light and power with HARRISON 30-kw hydraulic generator, SVI Command Light, seven FRC floodlights (one brow, two rear tripod, five fixed on body), and six WHELEN fixed scene lights.


On Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, the Dashwood Volunteer Fire Department has in service two HUB FIRE APPARATUS vehicles. Chief Nick Acciavatti says the pumper is first out and has a top-mount pump panel for operator safety, a foam system for efficient initial attack, and a large water tank because of a lack of hydrants. The tanker brings additional water and has a short wheelbase, enabling it to turn around in tight areas.

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Features/Equipment: (pumper)

  • FREIGHTLINER M2 chassis with 256-inch wheelbase and five-seat cab;


  • CUMMINS ISC 330-hp diesel engine with ALLISON 3000 EVS automatic transmission;


  • WATEROUS CS single-stage, 1,250-gpm pump with HYPRO Foam Pro 2001 system, two 1¾-inch crosslays, two rear 2½-inch preconnects (one wyed to a 1¾-inch line), and TFT Crossfire monitor;


  • UPF 1,000-gallon water and 30-gallon foam tanks;


  • ROBINSON roll-up compartment doors and four wheelwell sleeves for spare SCBA cylinders;


  • ZIAMATIC HLAS ladder rack;




  • light and power with HONDA six-kw gasoline driven generator, four HAVIS SHIELDS floodlights (two midship, two tripod at rear), and two UNITY hosebed lights.

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    Features/Equipment: (tanker)

  • FREIGHTLINER M2 chassis with 171-inch wheelbase and two-seat cab;


  • CUMMINS ISC 300-hp diesel engine with ALLISON 3000 EVS automatic transmission;


  • no fire pump;


  • UPF 1,500-gallon water tank with rear four-inch direct fill and 10-inch NEWTON dump valve;


  • ROBINSON roll-up compartment doors; and


  • 1,500-gallon FOL-DA-TANK in HUB swing-down storage compartment; and


  • four WHELEN fixed scene lights.



The Jacksonville (FL) Fire Rescue Department uses this METALCRAFT MARINE fireboat to respond to all of Duval County’s inland waterway emergencies. Chief Larry Peterson says that there is 35-40 miles of shoreline on the St. John’s River and that the boat helps protect riverfront areas lined with petroleum companies, container ships, port restaurants, hotels, marinas, and private homes. It has a crew of three, including two with captain’s licenses.

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  • Firestorm 50 Model; 50 feet, five inches long with a 15-foot, 10-inch beam and 18-inch draft;


  • two CATERPILLAR C18 885-hp diesel engines with HAMILTON 364 jets;


  • two HALE 8FG single-stage, 3,000-gpm pumps with five-inch Storz and 2½-inch connections aft, two lockers with preconnected 1¾-inch handlines, roof and bow-mounted ELKHART Scorpion RF monitors, and port and starboard ELKHART Copperhead monitors;


  • 500-pound davit aft;


  • diving platform at stern;


  • EMS bench in pilothouse for patient treatment;


  • door in pilothouse to fit litter through to bench; and





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