By John M. MaleCKy

>> The Putnam Valley (NY) Fire Department replaced an old pumper with this one built by MARION BODY WORKS. Chief Adam Savino says that it is the first-due vehicle to the “A” side of their district for fire calls other than brush.

Putnam Valley (NY) Fire Department


  • SPARTAN Gladiator Classic MFD chassis with 194-inch wheelbase and six-seat cab with 10-inch raised roof;
  • DETROIT Series 60 515-hp diesel engine with ALLISON 4000 EVS automatic transmission;
  • WATEROUS CS single-stage, 1,000-gpm pump with five-inch front intake, 2½-inch front discharge to 1¾-inch bumper line, two 1¾-inch crosslays, one 2½-inch rear preconnect, and TFT Crossfire monitor with Extenda-Gun;
  • ROBINSON roll-up compartment doors and wheel well sleeves for eight spare SCBA cylinders;
  • ZICO ladder rack;
  • ON SPOT tire chains; and
  • light and power with an ONAN 10-kw hydraulic generator, WILL BURT Night Scan, ROM brow light, and AKRON electric cord reel.

>> The Citrus County (FL) Fire Rescue uses this FERRARA quint primarily as a truck company. The platform design was chosen for the safety of fire personnel and the public as well as for the ease of use, says Chief Larry Morabito. The department has many setbacks and houses with steeply pitched roofs, and the platform is used for both horizontal and vertical reach.

Citrus County (FL) Fire Rescue


  • FERRARA HD-100 low-profile rearmount platform with 11-foot, eight-inch travel height;
  • Igniter XD MFD chassis with 236-inch wheelbase and four-seat cab with low notched roof;
  • CUMMINS ISM 500-hp diesel engine with ALLISON 4000 EVS automatic transmission;
  • HALE Qmax single-stage, 1,500-gpm pump with 1¾-inch front bumper line and two 1¾-inch crosslays;
  • UPF 300-gallon water tank;
  • EZ Stack hosebed;
  • 100-foot platform with 1,000-pound dry and 500-pound wet pay loads, 18-foot outrigger spread, and AKRON StreamMaster monitor;
  • ROBINSON roll-up compartment doors and eight wheel well sleeves for spare SCBA cylinders and hand fire extinguishers;
  • HURST rescue tools;
  • ZOLL AED Plus; and
  • light and power with HARRISON six-kw hydraulic generator, five FRC floodlights (two each at crosslays and on platform and one under platform), and two HANNAY electric cord reels.

>> The Van Wert (OH) Fire Department placed this DANKO tanker in service to protect two large tracts of residential districts which do not have hydrants, explains Chief James Steele. The smaller size gives the vehicle more maneuverability.

Van Wert (OH) Fire Department


  • INTERNATIONAL 7400 chassis with 190-inch wheelbase and two-seat cab;
  • INTERNATIONAL MaxxForce 330-hp diesel engine with ALLISON 3000 EVS automatic transmission;
  • pump-and-roll capability;
  • WATEROUS 3030 single-stage, 100- to 400-gpm pump with 23-hp KUBOTA engine and two rear 1¾-inch crosslays;
  • UPF 2,000-gallon water tank with two 2½-inch direct fills and three-way 10-inch NEWTON dump valve manifold;
  • ROBINSON roll-up doors;
  • rear storage for 2,500-gallon FOL-DA-TANK, hard suction hose, pike poles, and ladders;
  • INSTA-CHAIN system; and
  • Six FEDERAL scene lights on body (left, right, and rear).
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