By John M. MaleCKy

The Julesburg (CO) Fire Department designed this SMEAL apparatus with a small pump because it is primarily used as a tanker, says Secretary/Treasurer Toby Heath. The department’s 150-square mile jurisdiction is between five- and 10-percent hydranted.


  • FREIGHTLINER M2 112 chassis with 254-inch wheelbase and five-seat cab;
  • CATERPILLAR C 13, 410-hp diesel engine with ALLISON 4000 EVS automatic transmission;
  • WATEROUS CGVGPA single-stage, 500-gpm pump with two 2½-inch crosslays and one-inch booster reel midship;
  • UPF 2,500-gallon water tank with three NEWTON 10-inch dump valves;
  • topside swing arm for a length of hose used to fill brush attack units from top of tank;
  • SMEAL portable tank compartment with hydraulic hoist;
  • topside hard suction hose storage compartment; and
  • six wheelwell sleeves for spare SCBA cylinders.



The Wildwood (TX) Fire Department designed this MARION BODY WORKS pumper to be a first attack unit. Chief Randy Odom says the larger water tank allows for a strong initial attack and the top-mount pump panel provides operator safety and visibility.



  • INTERNATIONAL 4400 chassis with 268-inch wheelbase and four-seat cab;
  • INTERNATIONAL DT* 570, 310-hp diesel engine with ALLISON 3000 EVS-P automatic transmission;
  • Fire Star Series pumper design;
  • HALE Qflo single-stage, 1,250-gpm pump with two 1½-inch speedlays, and a 2½-inch rear preconnect wyed to two 1½-inch lines;
  • UPF 1,000-gallon water tank;
  • storage compartment under speedlays;
  • AMDOR roll-up compartment doors and four wheel well sleeves for spare SCBA cylinders;
  • ZIAMATIC ladder rack; and
  • two FRC midship telescoping floodlights.



The Medina Township (OH) Fire Department uses this E.J. METALS support unit to serve its structural fire companies and respond as a Class A foam fire suppression and support apparatus, explains Staff Support Officer W. Parker Browne. The truck responds to calls involving wildland/urban interface fires, off-road structural fires and rescues, long driveways, limited access bridges, and parking garages.


  • FORD F-450 XLT Super Duty 4 × 4 chassis with 162-inch wheelbase and five-seat cab;
  • FORD 6.4-liter Power Stroke diesel engine with automatic transmission;
  • E.J. METALS Assault Force 200 high-pressure CAFS, 8.0-gpm at 3,000-psi with direct PTO hydraulic drive and triple nozzle foam gun;
  • PRO POLY 200-gallon water and 10-gallon foam tanks;
  • AKRON reel with ½-inch hose;
  • RAMSEY four-ton portable winch with front and rear receivers;
  • HOLMATRO rescue tools;
  • rehab and hazmat and salvage equipment; and
  • lighting with two FRC telescoping floodlights and six WHELEN fixed scene lights on body.


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