Apparatus Deliveries

The Guntersville (AL) Fire Rescue designed this RESCUE 1 rescue vehicle to carry specialized equipment for various responses. Chief Jeffrey Tongate says that the department’s responses were covered by three vehicles carrying the needed equipment. This new truck incorporates not only the inventory but rehab features, air supply, an automatic awning, and additional scene lighting previously supplied by those three trucks.


  • SPARTAN Metro Star X MFD chassis with 195-inch wheelbase and 10-inch raised-roof cab with six seats;
  • CUMMINS ISL 380-hp diesel engine with ALLISON 3000 EVS automatic transmission;
  • 18-foot, nine-inch non-walk-in body with ROM rollup compartment doors, three high-angle tie-off positions, three rigging receivers and a rear ZICO folding access ladder;
  • 28-foot front bumper extension with TNT hydraulic reel and preconnected rescue tool;
  • NORCOLD mini refrigerator;
  • WARN five-ton portable winch with three receivers;
  • SIERRA booster and four-bottle air cascade;
  • HANNAY electric cord and air reels;
  • light and power with an ONAN 35-kw pto generator, WILL BURT light tower, WHELEN brow light, and five FRC recesses scene lights on the body.

The City of Walcott (IA) Fire District 6 designed this ALEXIS pumper with a commercial chassis mainly because of budget purposes. Chief John Geigle says the department chose a top-mount pump panel for safety and all-around visibility for the operator. The larger water tank allows for a stronger initial fire attack. The pumper covers an urban and a rural area; it is the department’s primary pumper for fires, and runs on motor vehicle accidents and hazmat responses, if needed.


  • FREIGHTLINER m2 106 chassis with 276-inch wheelbase and five-seat cab;
  • CUMMINS ISL 350-hp diesel engine with an ALLISON 3000 EVS automatic transmission;
  • WATEROUS CSU single-stage, 1,500-gpm pump with three cartridge preconnects (two 1½- and one 2½-inch). Two rear 2½-inch preconnects and an AKRON Apollo deck gun;
  • 18-inch front bumper extension with a five-inch intake and a 2½-inch discharge reduced for 1½-inch line;
  • AKRON inline foam educator plumbed to front discharge;
  • PRO POLY 1,000-gallon water and 20-gallon foam tanks;
  • FIREMAN’S FRIEND 2½-inch rear tank fill;
  • ROM rollup compartment doors and four dual wheel well sleeves for spare SCBA cylinders;
  • ZICO hydraulic folding water tank rack and electric ladder rack;
  • 3,000-gallon FOL-DA-TANK;
  • ONSPOT tire chains; and
  • light and power with a HONDA 6½-kw gasoline generator, three AKRON floodlights (one brow and two extendable behind the pump panel), and an AKRON electric cord reel.

The Exeter (NH) Fire Department uses this KME quint primarily as a ladder truck.It responds to all alarms within the department’s hydrant district along with an engine company, says Chief/Emergency Medical Dispatcher Brian Comeau.


  • Predator 100-inch Severe Service LFD chassis with 237-inch wheelbase and six-seat cab with a flat roof and TOP rollover protection;
  • CUMMINS ISX 12 500-hp diesel engine with an ALLISON 4000 EVS automatic transmission;
  • WATEROUS CSU single-stage, 2,000-gpm pump with three crosslays (two 1¾-and one 2½-inch);
  • 500-gallon UPF water tank;
  • Straight Shot hosebed;
  • 109-foot aerial ladder with 750-pound dry and 500-pound wet tip loads and 14-foot outrigger spread;
  • AKRON Stream Master ladder monitor;
  • AMDOR rollup compartment doors and seven wheel well sleeves for fire extinguisher and spare SCBA cylinder plus one open for storage;
  • light and power with an ONAN 10-kw pto/hydraulic generator, a FIRE TECH brow light, and two AKRON electric cord reels.
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