Apparatus Deliveries: April 2021

The Rostraver Township (PA) Fire Department designed their SMEAL quint with a larger-than-normal water tank.

  • SPARTAN Gladiator MFD chassis with six-seat cab;
  • CUMMINS ISX 12 500-hp diesel engine;
  • WATEROUS CSUC20 2,000-gpm, single-stage pump with 2½-inch front bumper line and three crosslays (two two-inch and one three-inch);
  • UPF 600-gallon water tank;
  • 75-foot aerial ladder with storage box holding 150 feet of 2½-inch hose (high-rise pack) and 200 feet of 1¾-inch hose for use from the tip;
  • AKRON Stream Master electric monitor at the aerial tip; and
  • light and power with a HARRISON six-kw hydraulic generator and FRC portable and body-mounted scene lighting.

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The Redwood Volunteer Fire Department in Durham, North Carolina, has placed in service this pumper built by 4 GUYS FIRE TRUCKS.

  • SPARTAN Metro Star chassis;
  • CUMMINS L9 450-hp diesel engine;
  • HALE Qmax single-stage, 1,500-gpm pump with a six-inch vertical swivel front suction having a FIREQUIP Maxi-Flex hose, a 1¾-inch front bumper line, and one-inch HANNAY booster reel;
  • PRO POLY 1,000-gallon water tank;
  • through-the-tank ground ladder storage;
  • ROM roll-up compartment doors and wheel well sleeves for storage of spare SCBA cylinders, and
  • lighting with FRC telescoping lights and WHELEN scene lights.

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The Oxford Township (NJ) Fire Department has placed in service this pumper/tanker built by MIDWEST FIRE TANKER.

  • FREIGHTLINER Model M2 112 chassis;
  • CUMMINS L9 450 hp diesel engine;
  • APR poly body and tank construction;
  • WATEROUS CSU 1,250-gpm split-shaft pump with five-inch front intake and one-inch HANNAY booster reel;
  • 3,000-gallon water tank with two 2½-inch direct-tank fills;
  • Three 10-inch NEWTON square dump valves;
  • ZICO portable tank carrier with 3,000 gallon portable tank;
  • REAR VIEW SAFETY backup camera;
  • WHELEN scene lighting and
  • Overall height of nine feet, nine inches and overall length of 34.5 feet.

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The Bellows Falls (VT) Fire Department responds with this pumper built by FERRARA FIRE APPARATUS.

  • Cinder chassis with six-seat cab with an eight-inch raised roof;
  • CUMMINS L9 450-hp diesel engine;
  • HALE Qflo single-stage, 1,250-gpm pump with a front bumper 1½-inch line, three crosslays (two 1½- and one 2½-inch) and ELKHART deck gun (customer supplied);
  • WATEROUS Aquis foam system;
  • UPF 1,000-gallon water and 30-gallon foam tanks;
  • extruded aluminum body with ROM roll-up doors and
  • lighting with an AKRON brow light and HiViz scene lights.

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