Apparatus Deliveries: February 2021

Apparatus Deliveries by John M. Malecky

The Camp Taylor Fire Department, Louisville, Kentucky, has in service this E-ONE Quint.

  • Cyclone chassis with five-seat cab;
  • CUMMINS X 12 500-hp diesel engine;
  • WATEROUS CSU single-stage, 2,000-gpm pump with 1¾-inch front bumper line and three crosslays (two 1¾-inch and one 2½-inch), and driver’s side one-inch booster reel;
  • 500-gallon water tank;
  • 78-foot aerial ladder with TFT Typhoon ladderpipe; and
  • WHELEN scene lighting.

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The Clear Lake (SD) Fire Rescue operates this tanker/pumper built by MIDWEST FIRE TANKER.

  • INTERNATIONAL HV 607 chassis;
  • CUMMINS L9 350 EV HP diesel engine;
  • DARLEY PSP 1,250-gpm pto pump with preconnected crosslays;
  • APR 200-gallon water tank with 2½-inch direct tank fill;
  • NEWTON 10-inch stainless-steel swivel dump valve;
  • FOAM PRO 1600 system;
  • ROM roll-up compartment doors;
  • REAR VIEW SAFETY rearview camera system; and
  • WHELEN scene lighting (six on body and two telescoping behind the cab).

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The Rogers (AR) Fire Department now runs three pumpers built by ROSENBAUER. The department also received a quint and a rescue truck.

  • Commander chassis with 11-inch raised-roof cab and four seats;
  • CUMMINS L9 450-hp diesel engine;
  • WATEROUS CSU single-stage, 2,000-gpm pump with FOAM PRO 2001 system, two 1¾-inch front bumper crosslays, a ¾-inch midship booster reel, two rear preconnects (one for a 2½-inch hoseline and one for a TFT Blitzfire hand monitor), and an AKRON Apollo HiRiser deck gun;
  • UPF 750-gallon water and 40-gallon foam tanks;
  • EXT 100-inch-wide aluminum body with ROM roll-up compartment doors;
  • FRC InView 360° view camera;
  • Hydraulic ladder/pike pole storage on right side;
  • ROSENBAUER EZ-Climb ladder on the rear for safe access to hosebed; and
  • Customized lighting system with FRC, WHELEN, and HIVIZ scene lighting.

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The Surprise (AZ) Fire-Medical Department placed in service this pumper built by SVI TRUCKS.

  • SPARTAN Metro Star LFD chassis with a 194-inch wheelbase and 10-inch raised-roof cab;
  • CUMMINS L9 450-hp diesel engine;
  • WATEROUS CU 1,500-gpm full-body pump with two crosslays, a HANNAY ¾-inch booster reel, and an ELKHART Stinger monitor;
  • FOAM PRO 2001 system;
  • UPF 500-gallon water and two foam tanks (a 20-gallon “A” and a 40-gallon “B”);
  • 14-foot aluminum body with access ladder and ROM roll-up doors;
  • AUDIOVOX Voyager heavy-duty rearview camera; and
  • lighting with a COMMAND LITE Shadow Series light tower and WHELEN side scene lights.

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