The Providence (RI) Fire Department has placed in service this special hazards, heavy-duty rescue apparatus manufactured by Ranger and featuring a Pemfab Model T964-SFDV-20, six-person, twodoor, tilt-cab chassis. The aluminum cab has a 20-inch raised vista roof; a Mack E-7 350-horsepower diesel engine; and an Allison electronic, automatic transmission. The vehicle has a 220-inch wheelbase, an 18,000-pound front axle, and a 24,000-pound rear axle.

The 22-foot walk-through aluminum rescue body has 12 storage compartments. The truck is built in a split-cab fashion. Air conditioning is provided in both cab and body.

The unit has a command center with computer system, a fax machine, a telephone, leftand right-hand access doors in the body, rollup windows, a rollup door for interior cabinets, a single rearaccess door, and storage for a 35-foot extension ladder.

Other features include a 20-kw, PTO-driven generator; two 1,500watt telescoping and four 500-watt fixed quartz floodlights; storage for 40 30-minute and six one-hour SCBA bottles; and a six-ton, electric, front-mounted winch.

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The Town of Pelham, in Fonthill, Ontario, operates this pumper built by Marion Body Works. According to J. Ian Glyn-Jones of the apparatus equipment repair division, the town is roughly 50 square miles in area with a population of about 14,000. It is protected by two volunteer stations and 11 pieces of apparatus.

Glyn-Jones says the pumper needed the capacity to carry’ large amounts of water due to Pelham’s rural areas; on these calls, the pumper is backed up by an 1,800-gallon tanker. The town has numerous long, steep hills, due to the Niagara Escarpment; therefore, an engine with high torque and horsepower was required.

The pumper has a Spartan Diamond chassis, with seating for six, and a 168-inch wheelbase. It is powered by a Cummins 8.3L 250-hp, turbo-diesel engine with an Allison MT-647 automatic transmission. The aluminum body has eight tool and equipment compartments and carries 1,000 gallons of water. A fivc-kw, gasoline-driven Honda generator is carried in the left, rear lower compartment.

The pump is a Hale QSG 1,250-gpm, single-stage with a topmounted instrument panel and side intakes only. A three-inch pipe from the pump feeds an Elkhart Stinger monitor with a 750-gpm nozzle. Two midship transverse trays have 150 feet each of 1/2-inch attack line, and rear hosebed preconnects consist of 200 feet each of 1 1/2and 2 1/2-inch lines; a total of 875 feet of four-inch hose is carried.

A 400-lb capacity slide-out tray in the right rear compartment has four spare SCBA cylinders. Hand extinguishers are stored in open beavertail compartments. Two 2 1/2and two six-inch hard suction sleeves along with two pike poles and three ground ladders arc mounted above side compartments.

A 500-watt Extcnda-Litc telescoping quartz floodlight is mounted on each side of the pump panel.

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The City of Vernon. California, is 5.06 square miles in area and has a population of just under 200. However, 50,000 people work in this heavily industrialized city, whose motto is “Exclusively Industrial.”

Fire Chief LD. Telford says the fire department has always been set up to handle large industrial fires. Putting the haz-mat unit in service lets it better meet the needs of all industry within the city.

The unit is built by SVI Trucks and is mounted on a Spartan Gladiator tilt-cab chassis featuring a 20-foot, steel walk-through body The vehicle seats five. It is powered by a Cummins L-10 350* hp, diesel engine with an Allison HT-740 automatic transmission. The vehicle wheelbase is 210 inches.

The vehicle has 1 3 exterior compartments, some of which have rollup doors, and 10 interior compartments. It features a 12-kw()nan diesel generator; a 3,000-watt, roof-mounted SupverVac Command Light; and 500-watt fixed scene lights around the body. The command center is outfitted with a cellular phone, a fax machine, a laser printer, a scanner, radios, headsets, and a weather station.

In addition, the truck is equipped with a chemical lab. a freshwater system, a shower and toilet, a refrigerator, and a microwave oven. A rollout awning is mounted on one side.

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