Apparatus Deliveries: July 2021

Check out some new apparatus deliveries from our July 2021 issue, including this pumper for the Hope (BC) Fire Department.

Apparatus Deliveries / By John M. Malecky

The Hope (British Columbia, Canada) Fire Department has in service this pumper built by FORT GARRY FIRE TRUCKS.

  • FREIGHTLINER M2-106 chassis with a HANNAY hose reel under the cab steps;
  • CUMMINS L9 350-hp diesel engine;
  • HALE DSD 1,250-gpm pump with an operator panel misting system and FOAM PRO 2001 Class A system;
  • 500-Imperial gallon water tank;
  • decontamination pump;
  • ZICO overhead ladder rack; and
  • lighting with a KL415D COMMAND LIGHT and WHELEN combination warning/scene lights.

Fort Garry Fire Trucks: (800) 565-3473/

To request information go to

The Knoxville (IA) Fire Department responds with this ALEXIS pumper.

  • SPARTAN Metro Star MFD chassis with 190-inch wheelbase;
  • CUMMINS L9 450-hp diesel engine;
  • WATEROUS CX 1,500-gpm pump with FOAM PRO 1600 system, 1½-inch front bumper line, one each 1½- and 2½-inch Mattydale preconnects, and AKRON Apollo deck gun;
  • PRO POLY 1,500-gallon water and 20-gallon foam tanks;
  • rear 10-inch NEWTON square dump valve with electric swivel and 36-inch extension;
  • ROM roll-up compartment doors;
  • enclosed ladder, pike pole, and hard suction hose storage; and
  • WHELEN scene lighting.

Alexis Fire Apparatus: (800) 322-2284/

To request information go to

Photo by author.

The Lawnside (NJ) Fire Company responds this SPARTAN ER pumper as either an engine or a squad.

  • Metro Star chassis with an EMS box in the cab;
  • CUMMINS L9 450-hp diesel engine;
  • HALE DSD single-stage, 1,500-gpm pump with a six-inch front intake, front bumper line, and AKRON Apollo deck gun;
  • PRO POLY 750-gallon water tank;
  • SPARTAN IPS body design affording maximum storage space; and
  • light and power with a HARRISON 15-kw generator, WILL BURT light tower, and WHELEN scene lighting.

Spartan ER: (605) 582-2300/

To request information go to

The Sunfield (MI) Fire District operates this pumper/tanker built by SPENCER MANUFACTURING.

  • SPARTAN Gladiator MFD chassis;
  • CUMMINS ISX 15 500-hp diesel engine;
  • enclosed pump module;
  • HALE Qmax single-stage, 2,000-gpm, pump, HALE Smart Foam System, dual four-inch tank-to-pump valves, three crosslays, and TFT Hurricane RC deck gun;
  • PRO POLY 3,000-gallon water tank with four-inch FIREMAN’S FRIEND rear fill valve and three 10-inch NEWTON dump valves with extendable chutes;
  • through-the-tank suction hose, pike pole, and ladder storage;
  • ROM roll-up compartment doors; VOYAGER backup camera; and
  • light and power with a SMART POWER six-kw generator, FIRE TECH brow light, and FRC scene lights.

Spencer Manufacturing: (888) 439-4884/

To request information go to

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