Barcode Tracking System Designed to Improve First Responder Safety

Dynamic Systems, Inc. (DSI), a Redmond (WA) software developer specializing in data collection applications, has launched a low cost equipment and maintenance manager for firefighting, hazmat, 911 organizations, search and rescue, and other mission critical agencies.

In business since 1981, DSI provides bar code systems that track equipment, inventory, documents, capital assets and maintenance or service schedules. Bar code data collection has been proven to be the most accurate and efficient method of tracking or counting items.

DSI has announced the launch of Equipment Manager, targeted for agencies that need to track service due on equipment and save time tracking down tools and gear. The software tells you who has it, where it is, when it is due back.

The program reports when an inspection, repair, or cleaning is due on items such as parts, laptops, hoses, pagers, radios, pagers, and terminals. It is easy to check equipment in and out to each apparatus and between stations. You can also track inspections of buildings, extinguishers, hydro testing, hose inventory, repairs, SCBA gear, maintenance of the station, training records, and maintenance on vehicles and equipment. The inventory module tracks consumable supplies as well.

“Checkmate will improve performance and is an affordable program for even those with a few employees,” stated Bill Allen, Process Control Consultant.

It requires less than a minute to check an item in and out and cuts hours off equipment checks and inspections. Loss of time and malfunctioning gear can be a major overhead cost for departments.

“Our customers see a typical payback with the equipment manager within three to fourth months,” states Alison Falco, President of Dynamic Systems.

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