Beach Lighting that Helps Nesting Turtles Will Soon Help Consumers

TAMPA, FL., January 30, 2012TBSS International, Inc. announced in December, 2011, that they had purchased the patents, inventory and molds of a highly efficient and environmentally-friendly neon lighting system (Velella Lighting Systems: VLS) that was created initially for the nesting of sea turtles. TBSS is commencing a pilot program along Florida beaches to assess the effectiveness of its recently acquired energy-efficient neon lighting manufactured under the specifications required by the Turtle Conservation Coastal Lighting Regulations.

Sea turtles in Florida and other coastal states nest almost always under the cover of night to protect themselves from predators and overheating. As a result of this survival instinct, beach resorts and beach homes are prohibited from using flood lights, which impede nesting and limit beach activity at night due to safety concerns. The company believes that the market for “turtle compliant” lighting on beachfront properties, including marinas, hotels and residences is huge.

The publicly held company announced on January 24th that their engineers had completed the design phase of new commercial lighting applications for office workspace and outside path lighting, and mass production of the newly designed 2′ x 4′ lay-in fixtures will begin in the coming weeks. The company’s design maximizes the visible light while minimizing wattage usage. The Velella Lighting System, which is designed to run on a patented 12 volt DC power supply, meets or exceeds requirements set by Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and Independent Electrical Engineering Reports, and will be brighter, safer, and cheaper to operate.

Todd Spinelli, CEO of TBSS, noted, “As Congress forces all of us to gradually discontinue use of incandescent lighting in deference to the new compact fluorescent lights (CFL), we will all pay more up front, and worry about the dangers and strict regulations that surround disposal of the expensive CFL’s. The VLS alternative is already in use through a number of trial programs in street lights in half a dozen neighborhoods across the country. Utility statements indicate that the VLS is 85% more efficient than incandescent lighting and at least 50% more efficient than last generation fluorescent lighting. When compared to the environmental headaches that surround the new CFL screw-in bulbs, the VLS neon light will be 60% cheaper in initial cost, will not contain deadly mercury, and require no special procedures for disposal. We anticipate having a consumer (screw in) version of the VLS by late summer 2012.”

Velella Lighting System Benefits Summary vs. LED Lighting:

  • Velella Lights are non-corrosive unlike LED lights
  • Velella Lights have up to a 28 year lifespan vs. up to 4 year Limited warranties for identified competitive LED products*
  • Velella Lights have higher longevity, lower replacement rates and therefore lower maintenance costs than LED
  • Velella Lights are competitive or lower in price than LED light alternatives*
  • LED lights have serious disposal/land fill issues due to quantities of nickel and lead heavy metals and other toxic components
  • Velella Lights use less energy than LED lights in a DC (Direct Current) form*
  • Velella Lights give off no heat and LED lights radiate heat. Therefore, Velella Lights do not measurably impact cooling cost and by definition are more efficient in use of electricity
  • Neon Velella Lights are physiologically more comfortable to the human eye reducing eye strain and possible damage caused by harsher LED light illumination, as per American Eye Association studies *further specific details are subject to specific analysis of various LED lighting products on the market.

Annual Office Lighting Operating Cost Comparison

30 Standard Industrial 2’x 4′ – 4 Bulb Fluorescent fixtures

  • Annual Electricity Cost – ($162.01 per unit x 30) = $4,860.30
  • Annual Cooling Cost – $601.92
  • Annual Maintenance Costs – $31.14 per unit x 30 = $934.20
  • Total Fluorescent Lighting Office Costs = $6,396.42

30 Vellela 2′ x 4′ – 5 Bulb Commercial Fixture

  • Annual Electricity Cost – ($15.75 per unit x 30) = $472.50
  • Annual Cooling Cost = $0
  • Annual Maintenance Costs = $0
  • Total Vellela Light Office Costs = $472.50
  • Average Annual Savings using Vellela Lightning International = $5,923.92

Spinelli adds, “We are proud to be able to bring this safe and energy-efficient lighting product to the public. The product has proven itself in parking lots, beach lighting and residential street lighting, and is a viable alternative to traditional incandescent and fluorescent lights including the expensive CFL that Congress is jamming down our throats. TBSS will be manufacturing VLS products in the Pensacola, FL area and has plans to open additional facilities across the country. Initially the company expects to employ close to 1,000 people, a significant boost to Florida’s unemployment. As production gears up and manufacturing is moved to the U.S., and facilities are opened across the country, TBSS will need to fill thousands of positions in manufacturing, and marketing. In addition to saving Americans dollars up front and operational costs for lighting, we hope to impact the job market in a big way.”

About TBSS International, Inc.

TBSS International is a domestic and international service company with service contracts in different sectors such as gold mining, oil drilling, water well drilling, trenching and construction and recently entered the energy efficient lighting market. The management team of TBSS has been in the construction industry since 1950 with a strong reputation for completing contracts on time and within budgets. TBSS’s competitive advantage stems from the company’s joint venture partners, their respective technological expertise and proprietary technology and the company’s own intellectual property.

The corporate website is at

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