Beyond Hearing Aids Introduces the First Visual Display Amplified Stethoscope

Beyond Hearing Aids promotes amplified stethoscopes, such as the ViScope to meet the needs of medical professionals with hearing loss. The Cardionics ViScope is the first amplified digital stethoscope for hearing impaired professionals with a visual display. Doctors, nurses, and students can listen and see the sounds. The enhanced sound representation adds another level of diagnostic capabilities.

Beyond Hearing Aids has been assisting professionals with hearing loss to find technology solutions to help them use the stethoscope for more than 10 years. “There has been a need for a visual display of heart and lung sounds to supplement the sounds coming through a stethoscope for a long time” says Becky Morris, a nationally recognized amplified stethoscope specialist and owner of the company. “A visual display stethoscope like the ViScope helps students enter a field with critical shortages and helps nurses stay on the job longer.” It’s a win-win situation for professionals and patients alike.

Beyond Hearing Aids recognizes the importance of assisting medical professionals with years of experience but who are now beginning to have trouble hearing on a traditional stethoscope. Doctors, nurses, veterinarians, and other medical professionals need amplified stethoscopes to diagnose or monitor heart and lung sounds. Even professionals and students with severe hearing loss can benefit from amplified stethoscopes like the ViScope to hear and see the sounds. The company is promoting special online introductory pricing for the ViScope.

The ViScope is a digital electronic scope that can amplify sound 30 times louder than an acoustic scope and provides a visual display of the heart and lung sounds. Simply place the stethoscope on the chest and as the sounds are detected, the heart sounds will be displayed on the screen. Sounds can be downloaded for later viewing. The rechargeable battery operates for approximately 8 hours total “on” time on a fully charged battery. People choose a headset option that works best with their hearing aid or cochlear implant. Beyond Hearing Aids offers a wide variety of amplified stethoscopes and visual stethoscopes for hearing aid uses and other useful products like loud telephones, TV systems, and signaling devices that help people with hearing loss connect with those they love.

Beyond Hearing Aids, Inc. is an Erlanger, Kentucky, based company that specializes in amplified stethoscopes and other hearing assistance products for people with hearing loss. The company mission is to help people be effective on the job and stay connected to life by providing quality assistive listening and signaling devices. For more information about the ViScope, please visit or learn about Beyond Hearing Aids or other assistive products, please visit or call (800) 838-1649 (Voice or TTY).

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