BullEx Launches ATTACK Digital Fire Training System

BullEx recently introduced its latest innovation, the ATTACK Digital Fire Training System, the first digital fire training technology that interacts with a hoseline.

The ATTACK Digital Fire Training System was developed in partnership with hands-on training instructors at FDIC and Firehouse Expo, where the system has been tested for the past two years. Instructor feedback was gathered and built into the final design. Additionally, the system was an instrumental part of NIST‘s recent study on high-rise fires. BullEx used NIST‘s data on typical fire size and growth to create a digital panel that would accurately recreate fire conditions.

The ATTACK comes complete with everything needed for firefighter training. The waterproof panel uses five infrared sensors along with dynamic digital flames, smoke generation and sound effects to provide an interactive training experience. The panel can be hit with any hoseline in your training arsenal. An infinite number of panels can be wirelessly linked together to allow the fire to grow and spread. The ATTACK System includes a portable stand to allow instructors to conduct training at any location. It can also be mounted to a wall, if desired.

The digital hose line training panel is ideal for departments and brigades that want to create a realistic fire training scenario without the safety and environmental concerns of traditional live burns. The digital panel is also a great way to diversify training by allowing instructors to conduct training in different areas of a burn tower or room, as well as in buildings where burning is not possible or permitted. For more information on BullEx’s ATTACK Digital Fire Training System, contact them at 888-428-5539 or visit the company Web site at www.BullEx.com.

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