Firefighter Escapes as Apparatus Is Destroyed by California Grass Fire


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A firefighter escaped uninjured when a California grass fire burned out of control and destroyed his water tender truck Saturday.

ABC 30 reported that the city of Chowchilla (CA) firefighter narrowly escaped the flames after climbing out of the now-incinerated driver’s side of the apparatus.

“The fire came at him from the rear where the bamboo is overgrown and burned toward the truck, got to the rear of the truck and then the water truck got stuck in the sand,” Chowchilla Fire Chief Harry Turner told reporters.

Turner said the lost tender, generally known as a tanker in East Coast firefighting parlance, may never be replaced.

Still contending with terrible drought, California is on the front lines of what some are calling the worst widland fire season the West has seen. Two firefighters have died in as many weeks battling the wildfires, including, most recently, 21-year-old Michael Hallenbeck of the U.S. Forest Service.


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