CA Fire Engine Collides with Car, Loud Music in Car Blocks Siren

SACRAMENTO COUNTY, CA – A Sacramento Metro Fire engine collided with a vehicle stopped on an exit from Highway 50 at 10:30am Wednesday morning. Three people were hurt in the collision according to reports from ABC News 10. Authorities report that the car’s driver was listening to loud music which blocked the sound of the approaching engine’s siren.

Capt. Christian Pebbles, fire department spokesman, confirmed the engine was responding to a medical aid call while travelling north on Mather Field Road. A black Acura suddenly stopped while leaving Highway 50 via the Mather Field exit roadway. 

The fire engine approached the vehicle while at the exit’s intersection. Pebbles said the fire engine had no room to avoid colliding with the stopped car. The left side of the vehicle and the front-end of the fire engine were damaged as a result of the accident.

The driver of the car was transported to an area hospital to address indications of neck and back pain, Pebbles said. Two firefighters inside including the engine’s driver were also taken for treatment. The driver experienced leg pain while a second firefighter was treated for minor injuries. 

Pebbles advised that all drivers must pull to the right side of the road and stop when seeing and hearing the approach of an emergency vehicle.

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