Check out the New and Improved is new and improved incorporating features and functions designed to make customers’ shopping experiences easier, quicker and more streamlined. After gathering customer input Witmer Public Safety Group went about building the new platform of their flagship e-commerce site. Today the results are being met with rave reviews by customers across the globe.

Among the new features is the integration of customer ratings and reviews so you can see what your fellow firefighters have to say about a particular product and add your own feedback. Easy access to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the “On Scene” blog allow customers four distinct ways to interact with the staff of and fellow first responders.

Dynamic imaging takes your online shopping experience into a whole new dimension by providing the ability to see a 360-degree view of the most popular products. Additionally you can zoom in to get a closer look at many products, allowing you to see the details that are called out in the product’s description.

Time is money so pages now load 30% faster than the old site! Coupled with the savings offers you can now save both time and money as you shop the new website. Visit the On Scene for a quick video from the Founder and CEO, Jim Witmer, as he highlights the new site’s navigational features.

Individual members benefit from special “Member Only” Exclusive Promotions, can create a personalized Shopping List for frequently purchased items, and build a personal Wish List that can be shared with family and friends — improving the odds of getting a gift you actually want.

A Department can create a list of items needed in larger quantities and submit a Request for Quote to the Bids and Quotes Team of who will prepare a custom quote, thus allowing the department to maximize every dollar invested.

Several additional features are currently under construction and will be added to the site as they are completed. Among the upcoming features is live in-stock status and online order status/tracking.

Much like a new station or new piece of apparatus, the new and improved includes many advanced and updated features; as you get comfortable navigating the new site the experience will meet and exceed your expectations.

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