M180™ Three-in-One Exterior Light

Code 3®, Inc. introduces the M180 exterior light—a 3-in-1 light that combines an intersection light, takedown light, and puddle light into one compact housing.

The Code 3 M180 can be mounted anywhere an MR6™ can, making it an extremely versatile light. In addition to MR6 mounting locations, new bracket offerings for all pursuit vehicles including under the side mirror, in front of the side mirror, and side window mountings make it an extremely versatile light. A grommet mount is optional. The M180 comes in red, white, blue, green, and amber. There are 29 single-color flash patterns. The M180 syncs with existing Chase™, MR6 and Mega Thin™ LEDs, making it incredibly easy to integrate into an existing setup.

The M180 meets SAE J845 and J595 Class 1 specifications and California Title 13 photometric requirements when properly configured. It is 12-24 VDC and runs 0.9 amps @ 12 VDC. The M180 is tested to withstand temperatures from -40°C to 77°C. There is a 5-Year Warranty on the LEDs.

For more information, visit code3esg.com.

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