Colorado Firefighters Use Drone to Help Train in Underground Rescue Training

South Metro firefighters are working to improve their skills at saving lives — namely rescuing people trapped in tight spaces underground, reports CBS Denver.

On Monday firefighters had to practice saving a worker trapped and hurt in a well. They conducted the practice mission to hone their skills on rescuing trapped people using the latest in technology on the ground, and in the air.

On the ground firefighters worked to rescue an injured victim trapped 20 feet down a water well. A drone recorded the mission from high above.

“The scenario was he fall off, broke his pelvis,” Cpt. Rob Hinsberg with South Metro Fire said.

Crews say confined spaces bring in new problems outside of regular injury, such as lack of oxygen.

“Confined spaces typically are atmospheric problems,” Hinsberg said.

They are problems that fire crews have to look out for as well. Experts say about 60 percent of confined space deaths are the would-be rescuers themselves.

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