CPD Launch New Thermal-Modeling Application

Technology-solutions providers CPD announce their latest software application, iResponse Thermal.

iResponse Thermal is designed to aid emergency management professionals, such as fire chiefs, HSE managers, hazmat teams, engineers, and risk consultants with their emergency planning. iResponse Thermal offers assistance in testing; the engineering of a design, emergency management plans, evacuation plans, as well as impact of radiation on a plant.

iResponse Thermal has been developed with the user in mind; By cleverly utilising the combination of complex mathematics with innovative software development, results in an easy to use thermal modelling application, which can simply and effectively model a range of scenarios including jet fire, pool fires, tank fires and bund/dyke fires.

“The principal draw of iResponse Thermal is its simplicity,” Ross Coulman, operations director at CPD said. “In less than 10 steps, the user will have their thermal scenario results. In order to get to the result, the user will choose their scenario type and then simply enter a short series of scenario conditions, including product type and tank measurements (for example), as well as some atmospheric conditions including; temperature, wind speed and humidity levels. The beauty of iResponse Thermal, is that it’s fast, easy to use and most importantly affordable!”

iResponse Thermal is based on the high standards of CPD’s enterprise system iResponse. iResponse is widely and successfully used in the oil, gas, petrochemical, and process industries, currently in over 20 countries around the world.

For more information visit www.cpd-limited.com.

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