Darley Completes Manufacturer Training on Its PURIFIRE Water Purification System

On October 10th Spartan completed training their employees on inspection, testing, and maintaining Darley PURIFIRE® water purification systems to meet the rising demand for emergency vehicles to have water purification and decontamination capabilities.

Spartan employees being shown how to inspect the Darley PURIFIRE® Module.

Darley’s 4S10F PURIFIRE Module is designed to supply drinking water from polluted surface water. The PURIFIRE is the first fire truck integrated water purification system. The system uses advanced filtration and chemical-free disinfection technology to remove pollutants. The Module prefilters the water, reducing the sediment level down to 5 microns and then it’s filtered again to reduce sediment level down to 1 micron. Finally, ultraviolet disinfection is applied, completing the purification process. The PURIFIRE 4S10F System blocks and remove 99.99 percent of pathogens from the water supply.

Darley PURIFIRE® Module shown properly working.

The Darley PURIFIRE Water Purification System is used to meet the rising demand for water purification systems for emergency responders. For more information, visit www.darley.com.

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