Denver airport firefighters get new monitor

The Denver Fire Department’s International Airport Division, under the direction of Chief Nick Nuanes, is purchasing its first “Force50” stainless steel 316, remote-control “Force50” monitor manufactured by Unifire AB of Sweden. The Division is responsible for Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF) at the Denver International Airport. A total of 87 fire fighters at DIA are trained in Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting and the Department maintains 11 support vehicles and 16 pieces of emergency apparatus.

The Department’s decision to purchase the Force50 monitor comes after its rigorous testing by the Department and 92 firefighters, each of whom independently tested and evaluated the Unifire Force50 monitor and ranked its performance against other turrets they have used. The evaluations, headed by Doug Mangels, showed impressive results of the Force50’s comparative performance, as seen in the chart at the bottom.

The shiny, stainless steel Force monitors have recently debuted in the United States and are featured on the popular 65′ Snozzle® by Crash Rescue Equipment Services, Inc. (the U.S. Distributor for Unifire AB). Unifire reports that its global sales of the monitors are growing rapidly, and they currently project an increase in monitor sales of at least 60% in 2007.

The Force monitors feature a CANBUS control system with advanced electronics capable of customization to their customers’ needs. The joystick is progressive, allowing the operator to precisely control the monitor’s speed of motion depending on how hard the joystick shaft is pressed in any given direction. The nozzle’s spray pattern can also be controlled infinitely from jet to fog with a convenient dial on the joystick. The joystick has a valve operation button and a “park” button for one-step, programmable bedding of the monitor after operation. The high-quality control cables feature multi-connectors for simple installation. The monitors’ motors are completely sealed in stainless steel, unscrew-able canisters, which fully protect the motors from exposure to the elements and allow instant access to the motors for inspection or replacement, if necessary. The motors themselves feature snap on/off multi-connectors. The Force50 with nozzle weighs just 41 pounds (18.5 kg). This turret has a 2″ pipe diameter with an optimal maximum capacity of 525 gallons per minute at 145 psi (2000 lpm at 10 bar). The larger Force80 with nozzle weighs only 66 pounds (30 kg) and has a 3″ pipe diameter with an optimal capacity of 1450 gpm at 145 psi (5500 lpm at 10 bar).

For more information, contact Roger Barrett James, Unifire’s Director of International Sales and Marketing, at 1 (310) 933-5919 or by email at

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