Detcon Introduces CXT Wireless Gas Detection Sensors

Detcon’s rugged new CXT-Series wireless gas detection sensors are designed for use in heavy industrial environments and especially suitable for mobile applications. These “environmentally bulletproof” field devices include fully encapsulated sensor electronics housed in a stainless steel enclosure, thereby eliminating potential damage that may be caused from water ingress.  The CXT is equipped with one of two sensor technologies — electrochemical to monitor toxic gases, and infrared for combustible hydrocarbons. Power is supplied by a rechargeable Smart Battery Pack or disposable battery options. When powered by the Smart Battery Pack, infrared sensors can work continuously for more than six months, and indefinitely with accompanying solar panels.

While all CXT-Series gas detectors use an innovative “Self-Healing Mesh Network” topology, the CXT-300 is equipped with the most advanced innovation in network safety. Designed with Detcon’s patent pending “Fault Tolerant Safety Network” technology, the CXT-300’s processing power is shared among all network devices, allowing any device in the network to take over as “master” should the designated master device fail. Consequently, the CXT-300 does not depend on a single controller to maintain network operation and ensure safety. Detcon’s patent pending “Fault Tolerant Safety Network” guarantees no single point of failure.

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