Detroit Fire Department Retracts Public Call for Latex Gloves

A shortage of latex gloves at Engine Company 53 in Detroit (MI) led to a public call for medical first-aid supplies, including gloves, bandages and gauze, to be delivered to Engine Company 53 and other firehouses across the city that are experiencing similar supply deficiencies, reports

A day after the announcement was issued it was retracted.

On Sunday, My Fox Detroit reported that the latex glove shortage had been corrected and said the department is not allowed to accept medical supplies.

This isn’t the first time the Detroit Fire Department has announced a lack of basic supplies.

After learning Detroit firefighters were being forced to supply their own toilet paper, members of the community and multiple businesses came forward to help.

Charmin delivered a semi-full of more than 70,000 rolls worth more than $35,000 to the department in December.

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