Digitech Undertakes Baltimore EMS Contract

Digitech Computer Inc. today announced that implementation of their agreement with Baltimore City Fire Department has been completed and that processing of medical transport claims by the firm has been successfully initiated.  Under the contract, Digitech will provide EMS billing services to Baltimore, and the City expects to maximize revenue from collections for ambulance transport services. The City’s Board of Estimates oversaw the bid process and the in-depth evaluation and discussion process subsequent to the April 5th award.

“Digitech’s technological approach to EMS billing was key for us,” commented Alexander J. Perricone, Deputy Chief, EMS, for the Baltimore City Fire Department. “We realized we needed a billing solution that was both efficient and scalable, and we’re confident in Digitech’s ability to cover our needs now and into the future. Their advanced billing systems will take a load off of the Department’s shoulders and ultimately enable us to put more resources into training and equipment.”

Digitech’s highly trained EMS billing services team relieves their clients of the day-to-day responsibilities of processing and filing ambulance transport claims, providing them with more freedom to run their operations. The Company has been offering technology and billing services to the medical transportation industry since 1984.

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