Digitech Undertakes Massive IT Upgrade

Digitech Computer, Inc. announced today the completion of a large-scale project to upgrade and improve the company’s Information Technology architecture and systems, marking the culmination of a complex mission to redesign and rebuild its communications and data warehousing infrastructure with virtually no interruption to existing business processes.

Digitech has grown organically for over 28 years, but several factors converged to make this the right time for a major leap forward.
Dramatic reductions in the price of hardware, new software that enables near immediate recovery from any hardware failure, and the ability of the .NET release of Ambulance Commander to take advantage of the latest hardware combine to improve reporting and maximize collections for Digitech’s Ambulance Billing clients.

“While we’ve always been able to sustain growth without sacrificing the instant availability of systems and information that our clients rely upon,” states Ben Lambert, Digitech’s VP of Technology. “We knew that continued growth would require us to upgrade backup systems, remove unnecessary complexity in our IT architecture, optimize hardware utilization, and eliminate potential vulnerabilities. We’ve now moved to a virtualized setup that enables us to add excess capacity whenever we need it with no delays and no downtime.”

Digitech undertook vigorous investigation of current best practices in IT, bringing in consultants and specialists to guide research and validate network designs. Server clusters with failover systems optimized at every point of the communications infrastructure now provide security and reliability that will anchor many years of future growth while eliminating vulnerabilities, trimming access points, and reducing the amount of actual hardware that’s at play in the system by almost 70%. “Our large in-house development team combined with the increased stability of our systems will enhance our speed to market with new integrations, upgrades, and process changes,” says Walt Pickett II, Digitech’s SVP of Implementation and Support. “We’re ready to serve our clients better and faster.”

“We’re solid as a rock,” replies Mark Schiowitz, Digitech’s CEO and President, adding, “We always say that technology is in our DNA — now we’re stretching our technological lead. We have no key man vulnerability, no vulnerable piece of hardware or equipment, and all systems and processes are now completely hardware-agnostic.”

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