Draeger Unveils New FPS-COM-PLUS Integrated Communication System for FPS 7000 Face Mask

Draeger is introducing an innovative, fully integrated communication system called the FPS-COM-PLUS that was specifically designed for the Draeger FPS 7000 full face mask. Developed for use by firefighters and first responders, the new communication unit provides the clearest voice transmission, even under extreme emergency conditions.

“Newly developed digital noise reduction technology transmits only the user’s voice and filters out any interference that may occur, even loud ambient noise,” says Greg Sesny, Responder Vertical Marketing Manager, for Draeger Safety, Inc. “Because there is no time for misunderstanding in an emergency, the new integrated communication system enables firefighters and first responders to convey critical information to other responders and to concentrate fully on the message. Providing the highest level of voice clarity, it was designed to help emergency personnel make life-saving decisions faster and more accurately.”

The integrated microphone of the FPS-COM-PLUS picks up the wearer’s voice inside the mask. Noise reduction technology filters out all other sounds and transmits only the user’s voice by amplifier or radio. Pure breathing sounds are not transmitted. The voice amplifier system with twin speakers on left and right of the mask ensures a perfectly balanced system with a surround sound output that enhances the clarity of messages received.

The FPS-COM-PLUS communication unit is quick and easy to operate, even with thick gloves. Improving safety and reliability, an ON/OFF switch is operated only by applying deliberate pressure to the switch. Equipped with a protective rim on one side, it prevents accidental switching off of the communication unit during use.

The FPS-COM-PLUS unit improves reliability and, at the same time, lowers the cost of ownership. If the user inadvertently forgets to turn off the FPS-COM-PLUS device after removing the mask, it automatically shuts off if no breathing sounds are received by the microphone for ten minutes. The unit is shut off after a three-time pre-warning signal. The automatic shutdown increases battery life, lowers maintenance costs and ensures that the equipment is ready to be used when needed.

Fully submersible, the unit can be cleaned without being removed from the face mask. The new FPS-COM-PLUS unit is open to different communication channels and can be integrated into an existing radio system.  

The FPS-COM-PLUS was specially designed for use with the FPS 7000 face mask that meets NFPA 1981-2007 standards. Available in multiple sizes, the FPS 7000 mask follows the contours of the firefighters’ face and provides an excellent seal, along with the largest unobstructed field of vision. The FPS-COM-PLUS forms to the contours of the mask. The integrated system provides the highest level of voice clarity to improve safety and decision-making in emergency conditions.

The Draeger FPS-COM-PLUS is manufactured by Draeger Safety AG & Co. KGaA.

For more information, visit www.draeger.com.

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