Dräger SCBA Is NFPA-Compliant

Houston—Dräger’s latest self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) is compliant with the 2018 Edition of National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) standards.

“Dräger is proud of our legacy of saving American lives for more than 100 years, and our newest SCBA will continue that tradition for American and Canadian firefighters,” said John Wilson, senior vice president for Dräger U.S. “The worldwide team at Dräger worked to ensure the 2018 Edition of our SCBA would be a fitting successor to the 2013 version.”

Dräger-authorized sales partners throughout the United States and Canada will be able to order the newest SCBA configurations today. SCBA are in stock and ready to ship in October.

Updates to Dräger SCBAs
Although similar to the 2013 Edition and bearing the same name, some significant changes are included in the 2018 Edition of Dräger SCBA:

  • The connection of the lung-demand valve (LDV) to the full-face mask includes two independent release buttons. Pressing either button will not disengage the LDV; both buttons must be pressed simultaneously. The previous version had a single release button on the mask.
  • Pneumatics perform at a greater range of environmental temperatures.
  • Dräger previously offered the Buddy Breather with universal male and female connectors in the 2013 Edition. Now, the Universal Emergency Breathing Supply System (UEBSS) is an option with a 40-inch connection hose to assure mutual aid, no matter the 2018 Edition SCBA manufacturer.

“We look forward to giving firefighters the opportunity to experience our newest SCBA for themselves,” said Paul Tarter, product manager for Dräger SCBA and an active-duty firefighter himself. “We’re confident firefighters will consider this the most ergonomic unit available today – able to fit almost anyone, no matter his or her height or build.”

Several components come together to form an SCBA ensemble, including some of the following: carrying systems (PSS® 7000 or PSS® 5000), a full-face mask (FPS® 7000), monitoring unit (Sentinel® 7000), and communications (FPS®-COM 5000 or FPS®-COM 7000). As a part of the process, each part is tested to assure the whole performs per the NFPA standards.

For more information, visit http://Draeger.com/SCBA.

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