Drill: Butting Ladders

By Kyle Stephens

Positioning ground ladders for entering/exiting upper floors or for rescue is a critical task on any fireground. Using the existing design features of the dwelling, company’s can ladder the structure efficiently and effectively.

Download this drill as a PDF HERE



Often times, members concentrate on positioning the ladder based on what upper floor window they want to access. Height and depth perception often lead to misalignment causing the need roll or realign the ladder.  Most dwellings, single family, rowhouse, or commercial, have the windows in line from basement to top floors. By using the basement or first-floor window as a reference to set the butt of the ladder, the tips of the ladder will be exactly where you need them once extended within the window frame. This quick tip will help with increasing your fireground pace.


Kyle Stephens is an emergency vehicle driver for the Baltimore City (MD) Fire Department, an assistant chief for Ashburn (VA) Volunteer Fire and Rescue, and an instructor for Traditions Training, LLC.

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