Drill of the Week: Blitz Attack

Drill of the Week: Blitz Attack

Many situations may require a “Blitz Attack” or use of tank water through a prepiped or portable master stream device to achieve a quick knockdown of a fire to slow the spread of the fire.

While the bulk of the fire is being knocked down, water supply can be established and additional companies and manpower can arrive to support the initial attack.
Effective stream management and use is key as your water supply is initially limited to tank size so you can’t afford to waste a drop of water.

The objective of this drill is to attack a simulated fire with a master stream device capable of flowing a minimum of 500 gpm using equipment available on the assigned apparatus.

Officers should discuss department SOG’s and types of situations where this attack could be effective and others where it would not be advantageous to utilize. Identify an area (parking lot, drill tower, acquired structure) where you can flow large quantities of water at a target area. Practice positioning of apparatus, setting up master stream device, and the ability to hit your target area as accurately and quickly as you can.

This drill is downloadable as a PDF HERE.

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