Drill of the Week: Truck Co. Operations – Ground Ladders

By Forest Reeder

NFPA 1410 Evolutions continue this week, switching gears to the truck company. This drill can be performed by any apparatus carrying ground ladders, but the task of these operations are usually reserved for the truck company. Using ladders available on your apparatus, perform a series on initial ground ladder operations using straight and extension ladders, simulating various fireground operations. Consider carry, throw, positioning, raise, and climbing operations for roof access, window operations, overhaul functions, or fire stream use in several different targets such as a two-story roof or second floor window.

Make sure you set a standard distance from the apparatus to the target so you can compare time factors between operations. Local department SOGs on raising and positioning should be determined and outlined before the evolution. Good luck, and look up before throwing those ladders!

Download this drill as a pdf HERE.

View the drill as a low-resolution jpg image HERE.

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