Drill Of The Week: Winter Operations #2

Brought to You by FirefighterCloseCalls.com

Winter Operations #2 builds on Winter/Cold Weather Operations by moving beyond equipment and basic operational issues into reviewing your department’s SOGs/SOPs for winter operations.

Winter climates require significant changes in basic operations. Almost every facet of our operations require some type of modification. Smoke behaves differently, road conditions require special handling of apparatus and hoselines and nozzles need to be watched for signs of freeze-up. When working during winter conditions at a fire scene, you must be aware that hose advancement and ventilation will all be slower than normal due to snow and ice conditions.

Winter Operations #2 presents three scenarios for members to discuss regarding your departments operating guidelines or procedures. It also offers a worksheet for members to fill out relating to winter operations/conditions.

The complete drill is located at FriefighterCloseCalls.com.

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